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Ear Pain

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Otalgia or an earache is ear pain. Primary otalgia is ear pain that originates inside the ear. Referred otalgia is e...
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Common Ear Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,956 Ear Drops 1,260 Orajel 54
90,738 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
90,738 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
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Ear Pain & Hashimoto's Disease

0.09% of the posts that mention Ear Pain also mention Hashimoto's Disease (80 posts)
Ear Pain
Hashimoto's Disease
We found 80 discussions
" ...I'm curious about other Hashimotos patients experiences. Very Very ...pain medicine for my neck/ear pain that results from Hashis. I'm taking Ultram when I have a flare up. The Levo-T I'm ... "

" ...they look. I also, wanted to ask if headaches lasting a week with ear pain is a common hashis complaint. These are my labs from 3 weeks ago. Total T4 10.2 Range... "

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" Re: Can you have Hashi's and Graves at the same ...13. I use to have strep a lot but it ...I hardly ever even get a cold anymore or a sore throat or earaches...all things I use ... "

" ...Hashimoto's Hello, I have Hashimoto's and was wondering ...ear problems? I am suffering from dizziness and ear pain, pressure/fullness and tinnitis. ...went crazy. I initially was hyperth... "

" ...would be inflamed (sore throat, earaches and such) and the autoantibodies would have prime opportunity to attack. Any stressor can trigger Grave's and or Hashi's and over-medication would be what... "

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" I also have a thornwaldt cyst as well as hashimotos thyroiditis with nodules. I am in so much pain with chronic sinus infections, ear pain, really bad breath .....all the symptoms. I just found... "

" ...was diagnosed Hypo with Hashi's on Friday. I decided ...experiences gratefully received! Also my thyroid is swollen and I keep getting ...neck feels a bit like ear ache - anyone else? Than... "

" ...I recall, they couldn't confirm Hashi's or anything else. I never my neck!). Now have strangled feeling, sore throat, hoarse voice, trouble swallowing, some ear pain and a sore neck. Ne... "

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" ...was sure I had Hashi's for 30 years before being diagnosed. causing me to go into thyrotoxicosis. :eek: I'm being ...with eye focusing problems, facial numbness, ear pain radiating to ... "

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" ...neck , jaw, and inner ear pain really caught my attention as ...problem. Later on, she had TMJ surgery . Docs were ...nothing helped. After being diagnosed Hashi's myself, and learning mor... "

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