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Ear Pain

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Otalgia or an earache is ear pain. Primary otalgia is ear pain that originates inside the ear. Referred otalgia is e...
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Common Ear Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,958 Ear Drops 1,261 Orajel 54
90,870 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
90,870 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
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Ear Pain & Coconut Oil

We found 63 discussions
" ...I just got rid of an earache with hydrogen peroxide. ...Worked great, earache and sore ... "

" ...had an earache too. Do a search on natural antivirals. I took coconut oil, pau d' arco,... "

" ...over an earache and sore throat. I used hydrogen peroxide and coconut oil and it... "

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" ...dr today about a lingering earache from a cold I had last week and mentioned my heel pain. Turns out, my cracks ...hydroxy cream and did a coconut oil and brown sugar scrub o... "

" leaving behind liquid and causing earache. And a couple times after using H2O2 I had sharp pains in my ears. I putting a small amount of coconut oil in each ear after draining... "

" It could just be an earache, I get these occasionally. The ...Or mix olive oil or coconut oil with 2 drops of oregano ...lay with my ear on a heating pad. Feels really good and usually gets rid "

" Weird ear pain! My ear is bugging me ...right started feeling better my left stated hurting. If I put any ...that's it. I've been putting coconut oil on it but it isn't... "

" ...can't sleep.. my ear hurts and I don't have any cocon... "

" ...essential oil experience), have you used lavender oil for earaches? If so, how? Ansley is definitely not over her infection. I'm taking her dilute it in coconut oil and massage their templ... "

" were warned that it's gross. DD says her ear hurts, I started to think ear infection (it's been a ...have tried is dripping some coconut oil in her ear before a... "

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