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Wrist Pain

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(Ache wrists)
Wrist pain can be caused by one or more of a number of different disorders, such as:*carpal tunnel syndrome*Kienbock's Disease*Wrist F...
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20,894 conversations around the web about Wrist Pain to help you make a decision
20,894 conversations around the web about Wrist Pain to help you make a decision
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EMG & Wrist Pain

We found 110 discussions
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" ...techniques. They are looking to EMG test the thumb during these ...(Canada), and I have had thumb pain on and off throughout ...various thumb / hand / wrist pain. Maybe we're just not design... "

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" ...have mentioned. Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. The doctors came up with ...the diagnosis is confirmed by EMG. Some doctors have lied right ...can only be confirmed by EMG. They do not sch... "

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" ...Hello, I had dequervains release and trigger thumb surgery in 1/2008 and 2007 I had an EMG which was negative then in ...fingers , tingling/throbbing in thumb, wrist pain on thumb side ... "

" ...patients come in for an EMG study who have a physical ...with CTS. They will have wrist pain, positive Tinel's at the carpal ...CTS. Then we perform the EMG and it is completely normal... "

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" ...dec.07. It started with the wrist pain and pain in my fingers ...I go to an als specialist, I have had emg, muscle biopsy, you name it. I still have no ALS diagnosis, so you better be prepared ... "

" ...Initially after the accident had a ver swollen right wrist and base biggest issue is constant wrist pain when doing all kind of ...monotone voice. So I have emg test on Thursday. So ... "

" ...lower back, and hand and wrist pain. Just diagnosed with carpal tunnel, ...up. I have been prescribed Mobic, Celebrex, ibuprofen 800 mg-nothing ...have so many symptoms, but EMG shows this ... "

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" ...and the one that works for me is flexeril, but puts me to sleep. I have right arm pain which extends to my both hands by EMG, but you know what? I have no wrist pain. None. I can type... "

" all day. I get tingling in my fingers as well as pain in my wrist, if the problem is occuring ...mice. I've been referred for EMG NVC tests for my wrist... "

" I had an emg done and was told try to help with hand/wrist pain and numbness. I started taking vitamin d everyday, and hardly use ...I understand about the use of oxycontin. I too... "

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