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Pinched Nerve

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Ask a question
(Nerve Entrapment)
60,249 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
60,249 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
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EKG & Pinched Nerve

We found 261 discussions
" ...kidney enzymes, along with the ECG. Its about time to get the list lol. I hope to god that the pain is just a pinched nerve, that would relieve a lot of my stress. Perhaps the erratic hear... "

" ...dat FMP, i have been having chest pains right where my ...think, gave me an ecg to humour me after ...attack. The chest pain has been put down to a trapped nerve or something musculoskeletal ... "

" ...left arm. then i had consent pain in left arm also pins and needles ...doctors there saying ive got a trapped nerve but im worried ive got ...i had angina cos an ecg dosent show it up im... "

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" ...I thought I was having a heart attack. She took me to the doctor and to the hospital for my EKG. I was fine, just needed a better back pack (pinched nerve), so she took me to Johnson City to find... "

" ...Last week i had a EKG and yesterday a Nuclear Stress ...the underarm. I do have a history of back issues(pinched nerve, muscle spasms, etc).With EKG/Stress test normal, should i be... "

" Have pinched nerve. Feeling pain on upper chest. EKG and a stress test done. Should I go for ...told me that I have a pinched nerve. Now, I ve been feeling ...and go. I had an EKG and a stress t... "

" Good news at the cardiologist. Blood test and EKG did not show any heart attack. I go back on Thursday for a stress ...was pretty sure I had a pinched nerve or something. I like that... "

" ...her not to dial 911. Ekg is normal, theyre checking blood ...shut causing me to have the shooting pains in my chest which numb bc I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder from the... "

" ...when in fact as the ECG showed it was a double ...I had a heart scan ecg, 24 hour monitor and they ...back clear. At least you know the pain is a trapped nerve hun and I'm sure... "

" ...foot my pcp told me that it was a pinched nerve and I'm supposed to get ...pains and I had a ekg done and my heart was ...rigt Ihave also been having headaches and they are located... "

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