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Duodenitis is inflammation of the duodenum. It may persist acutely or chronically...
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919 conversations around the web about Duodenitis to help you make a decision
919 conversations around the web about Duodenitis to help you make a decision
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Duodenitis & GERD

11.5% of the posts that mention Duodenitis also mention GERD (106 posts)
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We found 106 discussions
" ...3cm sliding hiatus hernia. I believe the chamomile tea and also 100 days of DGL liquorice has almost cured my duodenitis better and faster than ...because I still have acid reflux and heartburn ... "

" ...and gastritis. I had duodenitis, and lastly illeitis. The illeitis and duodenitis have improved w/Remicade as has Crohn's. I have tried going... "

" ...I have duodenitis as well. When my gastritis and duodenitis flare up, I usually have severe stomach pain that increases with food and necessitates I stop eating. I'm already on Nexium 80 mg and... "

" omeprazole I have GERDS, gastritis,duodenitis, barretts esophagitis, wich I am sure causes my anxiety. I have been taking 20 mg of omeprazole everyday for a few months. Does definately seem... "

" ...hernia in Aug 2013. Saw the Gi again yesterday and told I have duodenitis as well. I go back again in 2 months and if things are not better I plan to consider the surgery at that point as well.... "

" My daughter did not have h. pylori. Her ped GI wants to scope her this year (5 years after beginning treatment for... "

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" ...Zantac for the time being. I just got the results of my upper Gi. Small sliding hiatal hernia and moderate GERD (already knew this). It also says I have mi... "

" ...and have GERD again and chronic acute esophagitis, chronic acute gastritis and chronic acute duodenitis? Wasnt the point to get rid of the GERD? Now I'm back onto ppi's and reglan and... "

" ...out if the DIV could be caused or related to other problems he has. He has had acid reflux, a hiatel hernia and duodenitis for years. Could any of these have caused the DIV or be related to the... "

" ...where I can't digest food w/o taking Gaviscon. I try to avoid food so that it doesn't hurt my stomach. I feel that food stays more in my stomach and I have a loss of appetite. It's not a... "

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