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Dry Socket

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(Alveolar osteitis)
Alveolar osteitis or, colloquially, a dry socket, is a complication of wound healing following extraction of a tooth. The term ...
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15,372 conversations around the web about Dry Socket to help you make a decision
15,372 conversations around the web about Dry Socket to help you make a decision
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Dry Socket & Gel

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" ...I returned to the dentist to receive an official diagnosis of dry socket. The stitches were removed, the area was cleaned out, antiseptic gel applied, and then new stitches. That afternoon I slept... "

" ...just a bit swollen. Had them all out so swelling was balanced. If the the dentist. I had a dry socket with one of mine which ...think it was just some gel squirted in and repa... "

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" ...throbbing may have a dry socket and should call the office ...either gauze strips, or a gel (depends on the oral surgeon's ...stops the pain from a dry socket immediately. :-) I... "

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" freaking painful. i took a lot of nurofen zavance and went to the ...and explained that i had developed dry socket and they fit me in ...the socket with antibiotic gel kind of fluid... "

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" dry socket I had my right lower ...after surgery I developed a dry socket. On day 6 and day 8 I had it packed with the disposable gel sponge soaked in Eugenol. That was a tremendous relief.... "

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" ...take two. and you have to take them BEFORE the pain gets bad. and i ...wanna kill yourself! i had dry socket one time and i just ...If you're lucky a hash gel-cap might work but they h... "

"'s assistant put some numbing gel on, and after a short right afterwards and took Advil (the dentist instructed me ...4) for the pain. No dry socket or anything. Mine was ... "

" ...did you not have numbing gel before he injected you? Sounds ...that you got through it. I would ask your questions about dry socket etc in Dentistry Questions, but much has been written... "

" ...if you have a dry socket. I had to get one packed yesterday because the white gel came out ( I ...see if you have dry socket. I got a really ...pain (can't take vicodin) and it works well.... "

" Quoting Cae?Ba-Bae*TnTC*: You got dry socket while your teeth were coming ...didnt know you were allergic to vicodin? Your surgeon should explain ...with some kind of gel or something and... "

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