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Dry Nose

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(Nasal dryness)
Common Dry Nose treatments discussed around the web
Saline Spray 115 Nasal Spray 114 Saline Nasal Spray 70
4,710 conversations around the web about Dry Nose to help you make a decision
4,710 conversations around the web about Dry Nose to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Dry Nose

Dry Nose & Coconut Oil

We found 29 discussions
" ...had a dry nose for about 2 weeks, put coconut oil in my nose twice for h... "

" ...being said, I do love coconut oil for it's moisturizing properties. My poor, dry nose has been thanking... "

" ...dry nose during the winter; the skin often cracks and bleeds. A little coconut oil in the nostrils seems to help, but could that also lead to pneumoni... "

" ...for great prices on coconut oil. I like the virgin, my skin, cooking, my dogs dry nose, etc, etc. Also, candle-making supply... "

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" ...can and definitely give vaseline a shot. or, ...might sound weird, but virgin coconut oil. i use it when i get colds and have a dry nose... "

" ...Vicks & Vaseline Out of Dry Nose I have chronic sinus with ...mornings. I recently started using coconut oil inside of my nose because ...causing the problem that the coconut oil will kill i... "

" dear i am having very dry nose and because of that breathing ...night. i was using otrivin nasal drops/spray for the ...stopped it and started applying coconut oil inside the nose ev... "

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" I get a very dry nose , even though I drink so much water. I put a very small amount of a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil in my nostrils and it works wonders, especially at night. And I use... "

" ...and dry there! I use the Biotene and also ACT brand ...Since I have food grade coconut oil on hand (which I like ...mouth. I've used that for dry nose also. Just drinking water does... "

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" to do my full \"nose routine\" before bed. I do a sinus rinse with some oil added (coconut oil) so not to get too dry. Then in my bedroom I have two cheap humidifiers going and it's hot in m... "

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