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Dry Mouth

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Xerostomia is the medical term for the subjective complaint of dry mouth due to a lack of saliva. Xerostomia is sometimes collo...
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Common Dry Mouth treatments discussed around the web
Evoxac 737 Salagen 673 Biotene Dry Mouth 162
135,724 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
135,724 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
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Dry Mouth & Swollen Feet

0.11% of the posts that mention Swollen Feet also mention Dry Mouth (48 posts)
Swollen Feet
Dry Mouth
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Swollen Feet
We found 48 discussions
" ...a day. The dose was lowered because of bloating, swollen feet and I have some relief from the epidural. I still find it hard to talk sometimes and dry mouth. But that also ...been taking Lyrica ... "

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" The only complaint I had with this drug was the weight gain and an occaisional night ...Best wishes I have mild foot oedema & occasionally get restless bed. I had some dry mouth & old man... "

" ...a diuretic for the swelling in my feet and hands. Not sure ...a compazine with xanax to try and help me not feel so wired. Hasnt helped. Got my neulasta ...away. I have a super dry mouth al... "

" My sister had high BP and went thru numerous blood pressure meds. She got bad reactions from Lisinopril: feet swelling, really dry mouth, dizzy. She finally ended up with ACEON. And, a year before... "

" ...and for the constant dry mouth....if you are drinking at ...and you still have a really bad dry mouth mention that as ...intake due to your legs and feet swelling last week....... did... "

" ...I started getting side-effects, my feet swelled, dry mouth, weird things going on in on yet I was on these before LYRICA continued on them while I dropped was neurontin. Am hopi... "

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" ...medication to lower my high blood pressure and it has gain weight, have dry mouth and sore gums, fatigue, leg pains... "

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" ...have been on losartan over a year and have had the following complications: dizziness, extremely dry mouth, constipation, very dry skin ...worst of all: extreme swelling of feet, ankles, lower l... "

" ...has mixed results with his patients. The biggest complaints are weight gain and swollen feet. I did a pass, and stayed on amytriptyline, but ...for some reason, and the dry mouth is gone... "

" ...So with the contractions that I have had very frequently, swelling in my feet, the scare last week, and constant dry mouth, I have been drinking SO much water. Just my water is adding up... "

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