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Dry Mouth

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Xerostomia is the medical term for the subjective complaint of dry mouth due to a lack of saliva. Xerostomia is sometimes collo...
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Common Dry Mouth treatments discussed around the web
Evoxac 744 Salagen 681 Biotene Dry Mouth 163
137,695 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
137,695 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
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Dry Mouth & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 101 discussions
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" ...good for you. My mom told me to use hydrogen peroxide. I asked my dentist about it and she said ...not really best for me. It can make your mo... "

" ...get off baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for awhile. I finally found a great toothpaste without mint without fluoride ...and I can say the dry mouth is a lot better. Keep your fingers cros... "

" ...had the Biotene mouth rinse or mouth wash...whatever it's called. It did not do anything for me. Still had dry mouth. Have you tried rinsing with hydrogen peroxide to kill ... "

" ...know that dry mouth can cause very bad breath. I have this problem with adderall as well ...Also my boyfriend has bad breath from ...make him use a mouthwash called peroxyl. It has oxygenatin... "

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" ...and sucralose sensitive with my seizures. Spry also makes a ...on going to bed. If dry mouth is getting to me, I'll \"stretch it out\" I add hydrogen peroxide to the spry mouthwash. ... "

" I am canker sore-prone. If I eat too ...ulcers. I subscribe to the hydrogen peroxide then water approach. It really ...I start getting pretty bad dry mouth, but it usually becomes manageable... "

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" ...a big one, and having chronic dry mouth. She can brush with baking soda and rinse with diluted hydrogen peroxide (half H2O2 and half water).... "

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" ...a bridge. I started pouring hydrogen peroxide over the toothpaste and brushing ...bridge. I just heard about Biotene this week and have ...It really helps with the dry mouth. Other than that,... "

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" is your mouth dry also? how about skin, and diabetic, do you have sjogren's syndrome? auto immune, do you ...grain? if bacteria affected - hydrogen peroxide rinse of mouth 3 %... "

" ...and I also have fibro and multiple antibiotic ...I've also heard that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is a good ...on any medications that have dry mouth as a side effect? Dry mouth can also lea... "

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