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Dry Mouth

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Xerostomia is the medical term for the subjective complaint of dry mouth due to a lack of saliva. Xerostomia is sometimes collo...
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Common Dry Mouth treatments discussed around the web
Evoxac 735 Salagen 673 Biotene Dry Mouth 160
134,897 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
134,897 conversations around the web about Dry Mouth to help you make a decision
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Dry Mouth & Fibroids

0.02% of the posts that mention Dry Mouth also mention Fibroids (27 posts)
Dry Mouth
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We found 27 discussions
" ...fibroids galore, and one of my ovaries were adhered to the uterus, then I was in post op for quite a bit, and sent up to my room around 2 pm. had a private room will alot of amenities, and I must ... "

" ...bladder and uterus that was close to a ureter, brought in a urologist to check it all out, so I'm sure my bladder got moved a bit during surgery). Generally I'm still taking 600mg Advil 3x a... "

" ...Before surgery, I was diagnosed with fibroids doming on my bladder, the doc also did a ...still be caused by the fibroids. So my question to all take detrol again!!! The dry mouth is... "

" ...Percocet and 800 Motrin. The only assistance I had that evening and the next morning was my 16 yr old son. Thursday and Friday I was on my own getting up and moving around. I've had no other... "

" ...fibroids taken out, 5 of them. different sizes, one 8cm one 4 and 3 cm and two that were 2 cm. she will probably go home later today.Wishing you a quick recovery girl, love you!Love, Linda She post... "

" ...week because I had fibroids, and currently have fibrocystic ...helps the dryness. I am starting out with 600mcg of Kelp, and taking the ...protocol for this? With my dry mouth problems, my gu... "

" ...I have an enlarged and oddly shaped uterus with fibroids which is prolapsing. It is pushing on my bladder ...fluids all day. I have a dry mouth due to some daily meds... "

" ...I would share what I'm currently experiencing: very very dry mouth, itching, dull ache inside abdomen and gas pains. Overall ...uterus, cervix and 11 cm fibroid but left both ovaries sin... "

" dry mouth bad breath post-op I am so glad I took ...way to feel (smell!) better post op 2/8/07 TAH-RSO, constant bleeding, 2 tiny fibroids and samll amount of endo, suspected... "

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" ...(I don't think) but I have had headaches, and fibroids, cysts, etc...Dr gave me a progestin type drug but ...gave me a racing heart at night and very dry mouth, so I had to stop taking it. As... "

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