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Dry Heaves

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Vomiting (known medically as emesis and informally as throwing up and by a number of other terms) is the forceful expulsi...
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42,460 conversations around the web about Dry Heaves to help you make a decision
42,460 conversations around the web about Dry Heaves to help you make a decision
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Dry Heaves & Nausea

19.9% of the posts that mention Dry Heaves also mention Nausea (8,457 posts)
Dry Heaves
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We found 8,439 discussions
" ...2nd cycle of halaven today. The first cycle I experienced nausea, neuropthy, dry heaves 3 days after treatment, hair loss, extreme fatigue. My ...shots. They make my joints ache so bad. Love... "

" ...nausea but has been controlled with Zofran. His Cortisol levels are back up which tells us his adrenal glands are working, which is excellent! My husband is a stubborn fighter so he has fought h... "

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" ...nausea. I can't shower or anything in am because of my retching and nausea. I've been on this med for a week and it has gotten... "

" ...all day. Anti nausea medicine did not work, but taking me off the iv pain medi did. As soon as the pain meds stopped, the nausea and dry heaves went away. I hop... "

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" ...last month (Feb 16th) for CIDP and only felt a bit nauseated for two days afterwords. This month (March 16th) really socked me - yesterday (Wed) was the worst. I could barely eat anything, had the... "

" ...was hospitalized for my ectopic pregnancy, they had given me a pain med, which in turn made me extremely nauseaus and dry heaves, so they gave me Phenergan through my IV and I swear I slept for 12... "

" ...home from the hospital and settling in. Last night was rough with the nausea and dry heaves but the phenergan helped a bunch. Feeling 10x better now that i am home and ate... "

" ...pain to me. That is one of my biggest fears of the GA is the nausea. I have never ...nauseated and having the dry heaves in the ...pre-op Rx for Zofran for nausea it is supposed to be good a ... "

" ...have acid reflux,anxiety and post nasal the mornings. I feel queasy and even get the dry heaves. I never wake up feeling refreshed. I take Prilosec 2x a day for my reflux. Xanax for anxiet... "

" ...after my BA & Lipo so when I went in for my TT, the Anesthesiologist added more of an anti-nausea medication in my IV sooner and my PS gave me a script for worked like a charm. I... "

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