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Dry Eyes

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(Dry eye)
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), also called keratitis sicca, xerophthalmia or dry eye syndrome (DES) is an e...
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Common Dry Eyes treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 7,947 Restasis 5,754 Artificial Tears 2,465
94,626 conversations around the web about Dry Eyes to help you make a decision
94,626 conversations around the web about Dry Eyes to help you make a decision
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Dry Eyes & Wrinkles

0.28% of the posts that mention Dry Eyes also mention Wrinkles (265 posts)
Dry Eyes
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We found 265 discussions
" old meds and get botox every 4-6 months. I wish my opthamologist would prescribe it, so, I might get some insurance coverage, but, at this point, I pay for it. But it's worth it, to have lasti... "

" ...and panic mode, my left eye lid seems to be drooping. I cant not open it as much as my right eye. Putting make up on is hard!! I am pleased with my wrinkles in the brow, but is this worth it.... "

" ...I had severe acne and was very depressed as a result. In terms of side effects, the main issue was dryness. Every single oil duct in your body is thinned which meant I ended up with dry eyes,... "

" ...correctable at this time. I used to have crisp, clear vision with my glasses. I had an experienced surgeon and no pro-operative conditions that would indicate I would have problems. Well, it wasn't... "

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" ...are on non-AN side only. I guess I am blessed to half a one sided face lift! It affects my eyebrow and my eye not to mention the wrinkles bit. Of course, I have total dry eye on AN side to... "

" ...this time. I miss my crisp, clear vision I used to have with my glasses. My glasses were nowhere near the bother my lased eyes are. I had an experienced surgeon, had no pro-operative conditions ... "

" ...with all the specialties available) says the surface of the lens is wrinkling and the only treatment is the dry eyes drops and gels ...while asleep and my dry eye problem went away. ))))... "

" ophthalmology practice, and have dry eyes, I would also reccommend the Genteal Gel for night time use. There ...those of us with wrinkles Both work well to help with nightime... "

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" ...nose due to all the squinting from my irritated eyes. The copious amounts of eye drops I use also run down the face causing thinning or skin. The only thing you can do about it is use an eye... "

" ...wrinkles more wrinkly looking. I put extra serum (OFF or CVS) on it and that helps for a little bit but midday it's really dry looking. My eyelids are also getting dry lately and I don't know what'... "

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