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Dry Cough

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Common Dry Cough treatments discussed around the web
Cough Syrup 500 Codeine 242 Robitussin 205
24,831 conversations around the web about Dry Cough to help you make a decision
24,831 conversations around the web about Dry Cough to help you make a decision
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Dry Cough & Shortness Of Breath

7.37% of the posts that mention Dry Cough also mention Shortness Of Breath (1,830 posts)
Dry Cough
Shortness Of Breath
We found 1,830 discussions
" ...Allergies ( ragweed) plus slight asthma and a touch of flu/cold is kicking my ass for last 3 weeks. Can't catch my breath, dry cough, very tight chest. have already done prednisone, 2 rounds of... "

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" ...of breathe? I have both, am losing my voice too, and have dry cough. Docs keep putting me on Nebulizer and now even it is not working. Did 3 rounds of anti-biotics,and 3 of... "

" ...breath since Dec. I do have a dry cough and have problems breathing when i do exercise. I have had 3 chest x-rays and nothing ever looks wrong. After i go up stairs my chest hurts and SOB. If i... "

" ...12 years ago. Was on Prednisone to control a constant, dry cough. Finally got off Prednisone, but my cough would come back periodically and I was very short of breath just walking short... "

" ...with mucinex. Coughing yellow phelgm, chest burn, hard to breath. Worried? I have been completely congested for a week. I had a dry, non productive cough until I took Mucinex. ...feels hard to b... "

" ...nasal spray 'duonase'.on consulation with Pulmonologist Dr. Mrinal Sircar of Fortis Hospital Noida, Some relief is there but still dry cough is not ...coughing, she feels breathlessness followe... "

" ...due to the bleomycin. About 5 days later I start to have a dry cough / wheezing couch and had a hard time walking with out being out of breath. My oncologist put me on prednisone and I am... "

" ...tightness, bleeding from throat. Treatment for dry cough? ...hi have a very dry cough for the last 6 ...lemon. covonia syrup..ntn has helped.. im exhausted and breathless with the coughin and... "

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" Suprefact I had bad sinus congestion which turned into a wicked cold too. It was tough blowing your nose and still feeling like you couldn't breathe but ...Still have a dry cough though,... "

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" have difficulty in breathing, have a dry cough, i doesn't know what to do when it happens to me,... "

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