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Drinking Alcohol + Mastectomy

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Ask a question
18 conversations around the web about Drinking Alcohol + Mastectomy to help you make a decision
18 conversations around the web about Drinking Alcohol + Mastectomy to help you make a decision
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Drinking Alcohol & Mastectomy

We found 18 discussions
" ...false - men get inguinal hernias a whole lot ...8. True 9. False 10. mastectomy 11. True 12. drinking alcohol 13. vitamin B deficiency, family ...few days after your menstrual cycle or t... "

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" ...told me that drinking alcohol was bad for you surfing any of my treatment. The only concern was about the dehydrating effect right after ...any alcohol after my mastectomy it would cause serious... "

" ...get my foobs and mastectomy bras said, \"Nobody dies ...would quit with the \"obesity/sedentary lifestyle/drinking alcohol, etc.\" causes breast cancer mantra. ...known an alcholoic yet to ha... "

" ...& Basia definetly get that cough checked out. Some ...still retaining fluid. mumorange The mastectomy is going to feel like ...talks how losing weight and not drinking alcohol can make us th... "

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" ...of exercise Using the pill Drinking alcohol regularly- ie daily Being overweight she'd had a double mastectomy and raised over half a ...of years. (men also get breast cancer btw but ... "

" ...I was doing well after mastectomy and was optimistic I could ...I've made lots of positive changes since diagnosis, stopped drinking alcohol, better diet, less stress but I can't let go... "

" ...Miss Ellie's breast cancer and mastectomy, Pam's miscarriages and infertility, Lucy's ...over the top drama, infidelity, alcohol use, etc. but I was genuinely... "

" ...calling with things that I did that caused my cancer, drinking alcohol, did I take estrogen... yesterday I was having some ...the View, there's a woman with a mastectomy on!\" (omg) Missed it, ... "

" breastfeed following a double mastectomy; she is now relying on donate are pretty simple, a health questionnaire, no smoking or alcohol use, and a few lab tests - most of which... "

" ...issues, and then she had breast cancer when I was 13. ...just few days after her mastectomy. The drainage tubes in the ...own body prevented me from drinking. Alcohol, as it turns out, gives... "

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