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leiomyoma (plural is 'leiomyomata') is a benign smooth muscle neoplasm that is not premalignant. They can occur in any organ, but the ...
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Common Fibroids treatments discussed around the web
Lupron 7,489 Mirena 1,933 Ibuprofen 1,516
249,865 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
249,865 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Fibroids

Drinking Alcohol & Fibroids

We found 25 discussions
" ...alcohol, low sugar is helping fibroid I read about how diet a result I stopped drinking alcohol altogether and then lowered my ...fewer symptoms recently from my 4 fibroids, one of whic... "

" ...had some bad viruses/ flu... and i've been kicks involving not drinking alcohol or eating blue cheese... ...scary/revolting word like \"uterus\" or \"fibroid\" or \"vagina\" or \"l... "

" classes 4) I stopped drinking alcohol and sugary drinks 5) I ...years of infertility ( 5 fibroids, 2 ovarian cysts and severe ...I did have to have the fibroids and 1 cyst removed... "

" ...Endometriosis, Ovary Cyst, Polyps, Fibroids or Pituitary Gland issues. ...a different medication, begun drinking alcohol more than you're used to, had a recent miscarriage, abortion or surgery... "

" ...have endo. I've definitely got fibroids, which are related to high ...have started avoiding dairy and drinking soya, and hardly drinking alcohol for the moment, either. What a bore, but I... "

" ...Can drinking alcohol, maybe my drinking alcohol and eating sugar. My surgery is because of fibroids and the possibility of cervical cancer but she says that drinking alcohol and excessive... "

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" ...loss in 2002 due to fibroids. I thought this was over ...spring I decided to lose weight and stopped eating sugar or drinking alcohol. I also began running five... "

" ...when I was a teenager. I blame the huge fibroid I had removed on the poor sleep I was getting before the surgery. Like maybe eating healthy and not drinking alcohol. BUT - I am sleeping... "

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" ...causing me to bleed. I've been bleeding almost daily for the ...make it worse (as did drinking alcohol). Look up foods that containsalicylates. ...are all bad for fibroids. So before going t... "

" ...fibroid ...that a dermotologist would bequalified to look at me \"down there\" so we'll see what he knows about autoimmune issues. It could be an interesting appointment. I've drinking ... "

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