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Down Syndrome

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(Trisomy 21)
Down syndrome, or Down's syndrome (primarily in the United Kingdom), trisomy 21, is a chromosomal condition caused by the ...
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126,124 conversations around the web about Down Syndrome to help you make a decision
126,124 conversations around the web about Down Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Down Syndrome & Incest

We found 177 discussions
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" ...Was it the result of incest? Was there a possibility of it having Down's Syndrome... "

" ...Do you want to have disabled children with down syndrome? The best thing you can do now is kill yourself. Incest doesn't cause down syndrome, so not only are you... "

" ...Ohio, and they say that the Amish there have rampant Down's Syndrome and other physical deformities because of how common incest is among them. I have yet to meet an... "

" how people alway bring incest into it. Lets see here, ...perverse act that compares to incest. While we are at it, I guess having down syndrome is perverse since they are... "

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" ...will have deformitie such as Down Syndrome, then support mom's legal right ...of unborn baby. But I am pro-choice on abortion because of my upbringing. ...cases of rape or incest, I have to ... "

" ...the broader sense but I am learning it really is in the down syndrome parenting community... I'm pro chioice ...the case of rape and incest (that sems to be the ...finds out their fetus has... "

" right? As far as incest goes - having kids with ...down syndromes right to have kids and automatically producing more down syndrome? Why make a big deal out of incest, with low odds y... "

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" ...cause down syndrome\" is not a new ...before Elias I knew that incest could cause some disability (not specificly down syndrome) I know for other professionist that in the incest cases , t... "

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" ...some of the actual rape incest scenes are in this film by her father after being raped and her 2nd kid was born with down syndrome thus giving the kid the name mongo. i dunno... "

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" ...going! I hope this incest myth doesn't start becoming ...the \"does she have THE Down syndrome that bad?\" to which ...single cell in her body has THE Down syndrome!\" *Darah is N... "

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