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Double Vision

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Diplopia, commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced...
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Common Double Vision treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 1,107 Mestinon 734 Eye Drops 335
42,437 conversations around the web about Double Vision to help you make a decision
42,437 conversations around the web about Double Vision to help you make a decision
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Double Vision & Eye Exercises

We found 165 discussions
" Hi Lorna, I get optical neuritis too and find that ...from people outside! Haha. Anyway it helps with that and lessens double vision when I get it too. Eye exercises then resting them dies help.... "

" ...explains the minor double vision I've had for years. The doctor indicated my condition. Had anyone else had success with using exercises to improve or stabilize double-vision caused... "

" ...3 years, I have had double vision (diplopia) and it ...glasses with prisms. This does help alot but I would like to get rid of double vision for good! I ...anyone know if eye exercises, sur... "

" ...for your reply. Yes, I will have to keep on finding ways to get rid of or treat this double vision. Also, the hard part ...has a small section on \"eye exercises\", published by AVI (American... "

" Double vision My son has been symptom ...almost a year. He had his avm removed in April 2012. He was having double vision after surgery but with time and eye exercises it went away. Today he... "

" For the last few months I've had a problem with my left eye losing control. I feel a pressure and then the left eye will shake and I get double vision, usually when ...doing eye exercises... "

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" a physical therapist this afternoon, and they were able to get her to have double vision with some of their eye exercises, though, so I'll have to correct my earlier claims about that.... "

" come. Yes, I am starting VT (vision therapy/eye exercises) to get rid of or reduce as much as possible my double vision. The VT sessions more double vision and clear, s... "

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" ...would be to keep eyes well lubricated, drops during the day and ointment over night, I did go the prism route which helped alot,(to vain I guess for patching) I also did eye exercises which I'm... "

" ...FOR DOUBLE VISION My daughter started to do the eye exercises Dairytech suggested. Then she found that she has double vision when she looks down consider true double vision, Should we con... "

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