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(Withdrawal reaction)
Withdrawal can refer to any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrup...
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Common Withdrawal treatments discussed around the web
Diazepam 46,944 Suboxone 44,769 Xanax 37,306
1,501,864 conversations around the web about Withdrawal to help you make a decision
1,501,864 conversations around the web about Withdrawal to help you make a decision
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Dothiepin & Withdrawal

We found 94 discussions
" ...contains Dosulepin formerly known as Dothiepin. The withdrawal symptoms are insomnia, irritability and excessive sweating. ...headache can be due to withdrawal... "

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" dothiepin i have posted before as i am coming of dothiepin has anyone came of i not sleeping and having lots of other withdrawals i wouldbe greatful for ... "

" Zispin- withdrawal Hi has anybody been on zispin please and had trouble with withdrawal when coming off them. I ...I was being put on dothiepin after the two days. Thanks b... "

" ...25 mg a week thats what i anm trying to do i just cut the first time yesteday but as i had came of vallium years ago i was wondering if the withdrawals would be as bad... "

" ...I have been using Dothiepin for my condition and ...did not help. All the symptoms I had before the treatment started to subdue; loss of interest in anything, sadness, Will there be an... "

Post from
" hi anon, I was on 225mg of venlafaxine and had to come ...without any advice and suffered really bad withdrawal symptoms and my mental health suffered ...a new A/D called Dothiepin and curren... "

" I don't actually feel too awful on the dothiepin (TCA) it's just that I suspect the ME can ...if I get off it. I only really feel grotty withdrawing from it, so if I'm going to feel grotty... "

" I was on 300mg of dothiepin did a cold turkey nearly died. I had convultions and teeth chattered for 9 hours until I ...drug again. Doctor told me there was no withdrawl symptoms to worry about. ... "

Post from
" ...effexor for 18 months and have suffered loads off side effects ...prescribed dothiepin instead and am not looking forward to the effexor withdrawal. Any advice??? Any news on effectiveness and/o... "

Post from
" all, I take 3mg Clonazepam for that. I also tried ...stopped it virtually cold turkey plus came off 300mg Dothiepin in about a week) but I had to go ...previous dose of Cymbalta the withdr... "

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