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Negative Thoughts

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Intrusive thoughts are unwelcome involuntary thoughts, images, or unpleasant ideas that may become fixation, are upsetting or distress...
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203,443 conversations around the web about Negative Thoughts to help you make a decision
203,443 conversations around the web about Negative Thoughts to help you make a decision
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Dopamine & Negative Thoughts

We found 271 discussions
" ...a small effect on dopamine which can make things ...obsessions but useless for violent intrusive thoughts and that kind of thing. ...main OCD med. The intrusive thoughts have gone from a sev... "

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" motivation and concentration, really bad thoughts and even nightmares. so after ...yesterday i decided to give ALCAR and Tyrosine another try, ...i giving my body dopamine-overload? any he... "

" ...try and push away bad thoughts, I have to replace the bad thoughts with good ones. The ...our stage (mind) filled with bad thoughts, and the desire to fill out brains with dopamine - the drug of... "

" ...those little chemicals that I love talking about...Serotonin, Dopamine and Noradrenaline, which all help with your mood! Try you reorganise your negative thoughts and turn them into... "

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" ...before, felt lively, less negative thoughts, chattier and silly, all very sensitive to dopamine, which could mean you ...Jerod's information sheet that Wellbutrin can take affect much f... "

" a good few years to accept Parkinson's, like you and others ...wasted time and just brings negative thoughts which hogs positive energy. Stress gobbles up our dopamine which makes our PD symp... "

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", i used to have severe ocd, so i can understand ...the brain transmitters seratonin and dopamine and is a main cause ...optimistic. don't try to force negative thoughts away, each actio... "

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" ...Ie serotonin, or dopamine, etc? Because ...also L-Dopa, and other dopamine Inhancing supplements which cause think, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, and these were small... "

" that I have OCD. But I get ...because I read that dopamine increase signifies onset of ...crazy!!! Does anyone else have totally nonsensical intrusive thoughts or images? Things that you... "

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" situational. You have found yourself in an extremely toxic domestic environment and ...of pills / dopamine / serotonin etc the edge'. I was full of negative thoughts and feelings tow... "

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