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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Donnatal is a proprietary combination medication for the treatment of intestinal cramping due to various causes, often administered as...
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Donnatal for Diarrhea
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Donnatal & Diarrhea

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of years without obvious improvement. Does loose stool...
" ...colon, my Doc. prescribed me Donnatal extend tab. have been taking it for a couple of years without obvious improvement. Does loose stool trigger spasticity of... "

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terrible digestive problems (always cramping and diarrhea...
" of them gave me donnatal. Evidently I was about 10 minutes away from having my colon burst. Since then I've always remembered having terrible digestive problems (always cramping... "

help bulk up the loose stools 3) When it is really bad,...
" ...will help bulk up the loose stools 3) When it is really ...Counteract the hidden effects of diarreah: a) Increase potassium because you ...a lot of Potassium with diarreah b) Take magnesium w... "

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the pain. I have D (diarrhea) and for me, anything that...
" ...D (diarrhea) and for me, anything that constipates me is like a vacation from the pain. I'm on long-term pain management and take Imodium before I eat. I also take an anti-spasmodic called... "

thought I was doing better for a few days but then diarrhea...
" ...levbid usually sometime mid morning. I only take the donnatal at bedtime. ... "

that I usually have diarrhea. But it only happens every...
" ...swells. If I want relief I have to throw up (even ...time I feel very weak. Soon after that I usually have diarrhea. But it only happens every two months or so. My doctor gave me Donnatal to tr... "

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it only when I'm experiencing diarrhea or as a preventative...
" ...diarrhea or really bad gas. It was fine, although I noticed dry mouth immediately, which is a common side effect. HOWEVER, the doctor asked me to try taking a half-tablet every day (for maintena... "

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issues (irritable colon, spastic colon..spasms,the runs...
" ...citizen Mom has been using this med (Donnatal) for years. This nasty tasting green elixir was a lifesaver for her gastro issues (irritable colon, spastic colon..spasms,the runs you know the rest). ... "

meds that can help with that pain (I swear Donnatal was made...
" ...can also involve just the pain, constipation and various other manifestations. What you're describing sounds so familiar that I wanted to offer a possibility that you might not have been checked f... "

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diarrhea, I hardly ever have loose stools, and the pain has...
" ...Donnatal, it seemed to work OK, but still had bad D. So I talked to my MD again and she said I had Post-colecystectomy syndrome (after gallbladder surgery) and that I needed to take Cholestyramine,... "

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