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Dong Quai

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Based on medical discussions around the web
7,947 conversations around the web about Dong Quai to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Dong Quai cause Abortion ?

#37 in Dong Quai discussions - 34 posts discuss Abortion with Dong Quai. Abortion is #37 concern in Dong Quai discussions.
We found 34 discussions
" ...story using dong quai? Im... "

" to take Dong Quai? : Is it safe to take Dong Quai? i am 3-5 weeks pregnant and i just found out. it was a mistake. the condom busted. is it safe to take 1000 milligram of Dong Quai every 4... "

" ...i want to have an abortion. i am extremely religious ...early to have an abortion right now. is that ...lot of vitamin c, dong quai herb, and blue cahosh. so far it hasnt worked. anyone else ... "

" Dong Quai is a DEFINITE NO NO!! take Dong Quai in large doses to INDUCE ABORTION esp in china and Mongolia !!!! Pregnant... "

" be absolutely positive that you're not pregnant because it can cause an abortion if you are by increasing estrogen levels. Even with a BFN on 15dpo, ...on the bottle if you do decide to use d... "

" ...I have second thoughts on a medical abortion . my main concern are what known or possible side efects that any one of those things especially Dong Quai as far as birth defects if I were to... "

Post from
" the page on herbal abortion. I am not using PennyRoyal, ...of parsley up my fanny (don't laugh!), and taking dong quai tablets can cause the pregnancy to end. if it was that... "

" ... \"Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Dong quai is not recommended ...not clear that Dong quai was the cause. Dong ... "

" ...shouldn't have I have made arrangements for a clinic abortion but I was really ...more natural. I will start with the vitamin c and rutin today, and add dong quai by Saturday (google gave... "

" ...ok eventually. I have been on the dong quai for a while and I think its really good. Do your ...after you have ov'd as it can cause abortion. Its good for ...I just googled Dong quai an... "

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