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Treato results for Doctor

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Treato My Voice
By john barbieri
November 22, 2014
john barbieri wrote
i have botulism
I got botulism from food many years ago. I attempted to make cookies using a very old bag of flour from a moldy basement. The oil in the flour had botulism. No excuses. The botulism is still in my system today. It goes to wherever there is a strain or tight muscle and grows there. My vision is usually off. My breath is bad.
The first month or two was very bad. There was nerve damage, inability to move limbs, shortness of breath, and spinal pain. Diarrhea the first few weeks. I have noticed a few things. One thing is every ingredient those cookies were made with, if eaten too often, will trigger a flowering of the bacteria. Sugar, vegetable oil, baking powder, oatmeal, peanut butter. Once it flowers and creates symptoms of bone and joint pain in an area of the body, it will take 2 weeks or so of clean living for the event to subside. The point I am suggesting based on my years of observation, is to consider the ingredients that comprised the meal ingested when botulism occurred as triggers that create an environment for it to flower again. It is consistently like that for me. Has anything been effective in keeping it controlled? Grapefruit seed extract in its most concentrated form helps very much taken internally. Also keep the body oxygenated and alkaline. If you are trying alternative treatment paths, include grapefruit seed extract in your experiments.
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By Sharon
October 14, 2014
Sharon wrote
After struggling for 10 years with assorted chemotherapies for my non Hodgkin's lymphoma, I participated in a phase 2 clinical trial at Stanford University with the use of a then unnamed monoclonal murine antibody radiolabeled isotope, now known as Bexxar. Unlike my chemotherapy treatments, no nausea and no hair loss accompanied the administration of this wonder drug. I have been in remission for a number of years now with absolutely no side effects. My thyroid is unharmed and I am alive and well. This wonderful drug saved my life. Oh, and did I mention that I received this drug in 1996?? I've been cured now for 18 years.
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By kassie
April 26, 2014
kassie wrote
generess fe
My doctor told me not to take the brown pills Why not?? what are the brown pills are for???
They are placebos with iron in them. They can be taken if you want to keep up the schedule or need more iron in your system during your period but are unnecessary. I don't like the taste so I don't bother. Hope this helps.
yata  |  May 20, 2014
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March 25, 2014
GPH wrote
Osteoma on forehead
Can anyone tell me where in the UK i can get an osteoma removed from my forehead,this is causing me great distress and i need it removing

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By Norwegian
February 22, 2014
Norwegian wrote
looking for doctor who uses Xiaflex
I have Dupuyten's Contracture(vikings disease) in my left hand & is starting in my right. Have an appt. to see a surgeon but am just now finding out about the procedure with Xiaflex. Does anyone know of a Doctor in Eastern Oregon that uses it? It sounds so much better than surgery and physical therapy.
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