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Dizziness refers to an impairment in spatial perception and stability. It is considered imprecise. It can be used to mean Vertigo (me...
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Common Dizzy treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 6,960 Valium 4,175 Diazepam 3,314
1,104,095 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
1,104,095 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
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Dizzy & Swollen Hands

1.92% of the posts that mention Swollen Hands also mention Dizzy (245 posts)
Swollen Hands
We found 245 discussions
" My hands swell when I go walking too and they then itch. ...the pun) a little too hard. I also get a little dizzy because I don't drink enough water and I frequently... "

" ...doc says. I have had lower back ache for about a week ...getting ready? I also have swollen hands and feet now too having ankle bones? I had a bit of a dizzy spell sat and then lots... "

" dizziness / mild swelling Hey girls. ...on tuesday and today I am dizzy with mild swelling of hands and feet. Swelling does not ...with blood pressure but the dizziness is starting to bother me.... "

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" ...have a bad physical reaction if I spend more than 30 m in a mall. I get a migraine, my hands swell, I feel dizzy. I swear I think the mall gives me a panic attack. I don't like being in large... "

" ...only 24 and i have constant pain in my hands wrists and arms, i stabbing me.sometimes i feel dizzy all of a sudden, and ...eyesight has changed. sometimes my hands swell also.i feel sic... "

" ...1)Heat/sunlight makes me feel very dizzy and sick often accompanied blotchy patch. 4)My hands swell at night/accassional joint pain. ...feeling sick all the time/dizziness. I have fall... "

" I've been on gabapentin 100mg 3x day for ...the 200 3xday because of dizziness and balance control. Dr. said ...I've been doing. I have swollen hands and feet, still dizzy but not as much as... "

" ...due to the conference I was at. I have to ask about all the tingling in my hands and feet, the slight hand swelling, and my fun dizziness and being light headed. I guess they will schedule... "

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" Just a note on swelling and headaches. Watch for dizziness and the swelling in your hands and face. Feet swelling is normal at the later stage of pregnancy but if you develop headaches,... "

" ...even go to the pharmacy to check my blood pressure as often as possible toward the end and be on the lookout for symptoms: sudden facial/hand swelling, feeling dizzy and/or nauseaus, general... "

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