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Dizziness refers to an impairment in spatial perception and stability. It is considered imprecise. It can be used to mean Vertigo (me...
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Common Dizzy treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 6,938 Valium 4,174 Diazepam 3,312
1,102,603 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
1,102,603 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
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Dizzy & Sore Nipples

1.4% of the posts that mention Sore Nipples also mention Dizzy (915 posts)
Sore Nipples
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Sore Nipples
We found 915 discussions
" well on day 28,, got really sore nipples, stood up and felt a little dizzy, did a hpt yesterday and i thought i saw a second line,,, might... "

" ...countdowntopregnancy! I feel so dizzy and light ...days I've had sore nipples too... "

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" ...cycle day 30. Had the odd wave of feeling bit dizzy and felt sick once last week but not much. Have now got sore nipples which i never have. Dont know what to think... "

" ...month, not so much. Symptom wise, today I had slightly sore nipples and tender breasts, so very mild pre cramps and I had a dizzy spell at work, but I've... "

" ...7dpo, I have had extremely sore nipples. No other real ...note. Yesterday, I did have a bit of dizziness/lightheadedness but that's it. Any chance this could be an early pregnancy symptom???... "

" ...positive symptoms :) i have sore nipples and inwards from nipples if ...some toast, have had cramps past 2 days ...easing off now though, have been dizzy/outta focus and hurrendous heartbur... "

" ...same symtons as you apart from i do have sore nipple not to sore though.I had to hold on to the wall last night when woke up needing wee as went all dizzy , Just taking each day as it comes and... "

" ...time so im hoping for the same, havn't really noticed any symptoms had sore nipples right after O, other wise all ive been feeling is dizzy, i tested today BFN i know its too early last time i was... "

" ...on my stomach I got massive pain worse than period pain. But ...I was kind of having dizzy moment while sitting down. My ...bit swollen and I have really sore nipples. I'm not due for 8-10... "

" ...For me, my breasts felt a little sore, nipples looked a little different (sort of swollen) and I had brief periods of mild dizziness. But everyone is different, so... "

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