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Dizziness refers to an impairment in spatial perception and stability. It is considered imprecise. It can be used to mean Vertigo (me...
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Common Dizzy treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 6,934 Valium 4,170 Diazepam 3,312
1,101,566 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
1,101,566 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
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Dizzy & Sick At My Stomach

4.43% of the posts that mention Sick At My Stomach also mention Dizzy (323 posts)
Sick At My Stomach
We found 323 discussions
" time, I feel sick at my stomach and I feel dizzy. My PS will not give me valium or anything to help me relax. I am having panic about the pain ...of wisdom, anyone feel the pain wasn't so... "

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" ...stomach, dizzy, ...sick at my stomach, dizzy, short of breath and ive been havin lower ba... "

" ...sleep w/the goats ..haha. I don't know, I feel very sick at my stomach and dizzy.... "

" ...ago and now I feel like crap. I feel sick at my stomach and dizzy. If those tenders made me sick I'm gonna be... "

" ...Sick at my stomach and dizzy. Bbl .... "

" I started Keppra after having to get ...s/z came back and I was so sick at my stomach and dizzy that I had tostop taking ...he had to take... "

" i have acute back pain getting to place i ...body is wet and get so sick at my stomach and dizzy i feel as i am pass out. i have diabetes and thyroid problem. haven't... "

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" Hi, I've been sick all weekend. Yuck! I felt absolutely horrible sick at my stomach and dizzy. Pretty much stayed on the couch all day yesterday and don't have much planned for today. Still... "

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" ...about it, they just look at me. No comments whatsoever. When I get hot, I feel sick at my stomach and dizzy. I always keep a wet cloth with me to wipe down so that... "

" ...dizziness, brownish vaginal discharge after ...coil fitted just 4 months ago. have had normal to heavy periods for the last three months and this month have had alot of sickness nausea dizziness... "

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