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Dizziness refers to an impairment in spatial perception and stability. It is considered imprecise. It can be used to mean Vertigo (me...
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Common Dizzy treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 6,934 Valium 4,170 Diazepam 3,312
1,101,419 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
1,101,419 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
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Dizzy & Numb Lips

5.08% of the posts that mention Numb Lips also mention Dizzy (53 posts)
Numb Lips
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Numb Lips
We found 53 discussions
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" ...but I've had a day from hell, only had 3 hours sleep last night, been agitated all day, feeling dizzy, shaking, headache and ...anyone else get numb lips when they fel dizzy etc?I dont seem... "

" ...Since the detox, I have neck pain - MRI shows disc ...causing pressure there. I feel dizzy and have numb lips and tingling in tongue - ...brain near ear. I have weakness in legs with tingli... "

" I have had some facial numbness; lips and cheeks etc. Also get dizzy and have had numerous tests done and found nothing ...and a half. Just had a myoview stress test the day... "

" ...their stories,i just took 1/2 klonopin and got the numb lips and stuff im so dizzy,and my pharmacists insists withdrawal or going off... "

" i had a tension headache last night it was from stress and i get dizzy and numb lips and chin in the afternoons some days all caused from stress. i've been told and totally believe... "

" ...except when i was on meds. it sounds like ibs and gerd. the dizziness i have now with numb lips burning tongue and cold sensations some one suggested to get my electrolite balance... "

" ...afraid I have about evwry single one some of my more recent symptoms are dizzy heart palps numbness of lip or arm eye symptoms such as black spots that are different foe floaters... "

" ...and some pepper casserole for lunch. Then I got really dizzy, lethargic, upset stomach, and numb lips. After that went away, I did decant my liquor... "

" ...taking it? I did take Prozac but it stopped helping me so they changed me to 200mg of Zoloft. I just ...worst I got was dizzy and numb lips, etc., The ...time... Were you stressed or did a... "

Post from
" ...that nite, she was on the couch, saying she was dizzy, going to faint, numb lips and arms, etc. They ran 1million tests and found nothing wrong other than her anxiety... "

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