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Dizziness refers to an impairment in spatial perception and stability. It is considered imprecise. It can be used to mean Vertigo (me...
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Common Dizzy treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 6,943 Valium 4,175 Diazepam 3,312
1,103,486 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
1,103,486 conversations around the web about Dizzy to help you make a decision
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Dizzy & Coconut Oil

We found 656 discussions
" ...I actually have thought of Coconut Oil as 'magical', but I guess ...makes me realize...When I've put coconut oil in my coffee, I feel dizzy the whole rest of th... "

" Yeah I get dizzy, and confused, and I've linked ...brain. So I added healthy coconut oil to my diet for my ...the fatique and mental confusion, dizziness, (brain fog) went away within... "

" ...fat, like avacado and or coconut oil, it helps me out in ...Raw foods in general help with that. I have less brain fog dizzy issues since I have been doing raw. Hope that... "

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" lol. I swear by virgin coconut oil.... With so many skincare products in the market, all they do is make me dizzy and confused and so I try to keep my... "

" Coconut oil reactions For anyone who has taken coconut oil, did you get a strong reaction from it? I had some diarrhea and loose stools at body acne, headaches, dizziness, and bad breath as... "

" ...oz container of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for $19.99, and Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Whenever Shampoo & ...11 oz for $4.55! My eyes are twitching...I feel dizzy... "

" ...oil\ I have started supplementing with coconut oil and feel mildly dizzy this a.m. Is... "

" ...calories and day and not get dizzy, lightheaded, don't have the energy ...of work, and feeling really hungry, obsessed with food. ...bacon, avocados, cream cheese, butter, coconut oil, though... "

" You know, I have a blood glucose meter on hand, let me ...range, right? I do feel a little weak/dizzy, not as bad as I ...I hadn't thought about the coconut oil, that could definitely b... "

" ...that. However, as mine has been accompanied by increased fatigue/dizziness I am still just as ...last? Also, I do use coconut oil topically and agree, it is... "

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