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Dizzy Spells

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55,501 conversations around the web about Dizzy Spells to help you make a decision
55,501 conversations around the web about Dizzy Spells to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Dizzy Spells

Dizzy Spells & Unable To Focus

0.16% of the posts that mention Unable To Focus also mention Dizzy Spells (14 posts)
Unable To Focus
Dizzy Spells
We found 14 discussions
" ...the intensity of my headaches have increased and work because I am unable to focus on anything for any concentration span has almost gone due to the lightheadness/dizzy spells. I ... "

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" ...have become irritable and have random dizzy spells. My pulse races at times ...blurry and I am not able to focus on objects. During the ...disappeared. This caused my rapid weight loss of 13 ... "

" ...isn't fun. I too get very dizzy spells and when I get like ...light headed along with being unable to focus on things. I have had ...though. Its common to get dizziness in pregnancy due to... "

" ...Saturday also. I kept have dizzy spells that actually blacked out. Like strobe lights. I sctually drove home like that. Couldn't see clearly, white things were WAY too bright. My husban... "

" ...Elder boy will get dizzy spells, P4 boy will be unable to focus. Both gets panda... "

" ...say, I understand it's probably all part of my TMJ. I've been feeling tired, limited on doing things because of dizzy spells and unable to focus. Thank you for reassuring me that I am not... "

" back. My doctor took me off of it due to the headaches, dizzy spells, not able to focus and really not having enough ...stand up, I would get extremely dizzy. I personally would not... "

" So, for several months I have been feeling lethargic, unable to focus, and random dizzy spells. Mostly this all would occur after breakfast and late at night prior to bed. I had some... "

" ...first day I experienced sever dizzy spells, whenever I made any ...almost unbearable, and I find myself unable to focus my thoughts properly. In fact ...(day 2) I have taken gravol to help... "

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" off work again with dizzy spells Had such a laugh from ...if anyone else is experiencing dizzy spells, I am off work again ...I feel light headed and unable to focus. I am eating regularly and... "

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