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Dizzy Spells

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55,520 conversations around the web about Dizzy Spells to help you make a decision
55,520 conversations around the web about Dizzy Spells to help you make a decision
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Dizzy Spells & Kidney Stones

0.07% of the posts that mention Dizzy Spells also mention Kidney Stones (40 posts)
Dizzy Spells
Kidney Stones
We found 40 discussions
" ...Also they said I could take tylenol but I didn't. Quote: YAY for the kidney stone being gone Sounds like he's a ...failed because lately I get dizzy spells and feel woozy when I have... "

" ...after my 3rd bout of kidney stones. I started to notice a ...month or so later by short dizzy spells (preceded by a metallic taste) ...There I was told that I have \"latent syphilis\". (As ma... "

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" ...of malaise with headaches, dizzy spells and no memory. ...bad, better than having kidney stones, for example. I ...I can't sleep so I am taking ambien at night, it really helps, even thou... "

" ...There are special types for kidney-stone prone people, and doctors can ...and while it may be \"Vitamin A\" it is not ...the stomach and can cause you dizzy spells, hot flashes, heart palpita... "

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" ...regular medication for cholesterol and kidney stones, sometimes uses sleeping pills, suffers from degenerative arthritis and occasional dizzy spells. It's not concern for his... "

" ...5 so everytime he has back-pain he is convinced it ...It turned out to be kidney stones. My mum when at my ...putting on fake limbs and dizzy spells and boy can she turn... "

" ...gone by so fast! I think I mentioned my dizzy spells on an earlier post and my doc referred me imagination. Last week they thought I had a kidney stone and I was in a lot of pain, so... "

" May a Kidney Stone Natural Treatment Truly Prevent Surgery ...surprise of finding you've a kidney stone is poor enough. However The ...submit the shape of the kidney stone organic treatment. Ba... "

" ...bladder pain, and have passed kidney stones, but nothing, EVER felt THIS ...I got these HORRIBLE dizzy spells where I couldn't even ...trauma, and triggered the exteme dizzy spells in me. Lad... "

" ...for the shot. Besides the kidney stone pain, i do feel so ...back, i dont have all those dizzy spells. Its amazing to me how ...probably feel even better after the kidney stone is zapped. ... "

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