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Diverticulitis is a common digestive disease particularly found in the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, w...
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Common Diverticulitis treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 754 Flagyl 740 Metronidazole 122
31,986 conversations around the web about Diverticulitis to help you make a decision
31,986 conversations around the web about Diverticulitis to help you make a decision
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Diverticulitis & Temporary Colostomy

We found 67 discussions
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" ...will be fine .you said that most of the diverticulitis is on the left side(which is good ) did they ...not have to attach a temporary colostomy bag.i want you to know... "

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" ...53, in very good health and have recently had a bowel resection and temporary colostomy due to diverticulitis which has been reversed. I'm wondering if my recent surgery could affect my... "

" ...thing I had a recheck appointment with the surgeon on Monday because it truns out that the CT sacn that they did before they discharged me from the hospital showed that I had deloveped a very large... "

" ...having problems with diverticulitis pains. Went on Flagyl. Doctor didn't want to prescribe Cipro like I requested (it's worked for me before). Worked for a few days and stopped... Added Cipro.... "

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" Diverticulitis Surgery Perforated Colon from Diverticulitis surgically corrected by a open Resection of colon.No temporary Colostomy. With no major health concerns pre surgery is this... "

" That sounds like Diverticulitis. Nuts, seeds etc get caught in the pockets of go too long and had to have a temporary colostomy. Make sure they rule that out. If my boyfriend... "

" ...taken out w/ temporary colostomy for six months.'s adhesions or another bout of diverticulitis. was just wondering if another surgery was possibile w/ temporary colostomy or will colostomy... "

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" ...I found out I had diverticulitis the hard way. In the ...revealed a ruptured colon from diverticulitis. Thirty minutes later I was ...colon and put in a temporary colostomy bag. At the end... "

" My diverticulitis unfortunately wasn't caught until it ...had to have emergency surgery. Ended up with a temporary colostomy and a colon resection. All of my pain was in my left abdomen. This is pr... "

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" ...last 2 years because of diverticulitis. I had complications (peritonitis) after my colon resection, then received a temporary colostomy. I don't \"do\" pain meds... "

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