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Diverticulitis is a common digestive disease particularly found in the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, w...
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Common Diverticulitis treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 745 Flagyl 727 Metronidazole 121
31,545 conversations around the web about Diverticulitis to help you make a decision
31,545 conversations around the web about Diverticulitis to help you make a decision
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Diverticulitis & Garlic

We found 70 discussions
" ...get prescribed Cipro and Flagil (metronidazole) That stuff is nasty and used to made me very sick and had a taste terrible in my mouth all day. I got it prescribed for diverticulitis and... "

" ...thing that I have found useful to help counteract bowel problems is taking daily odourless garlic tablets. Its the only ...that it not only stops me from getting diverticulitis attacks but it... "

" ...experiment My husband (American) has diverticulitis, he had a surgery. After ...healed patients for several centuries.) Garlic- 1 glove with meal once... "

" some of my famous garlic hot turkey chili with spicy ...Just a little humor here.. My mom gave herself diverticulitis with a colon cleansing.. I would ask your ps..... "

" ...heart -- namely your heavy sweating from your head. previously weakened bowel from diverticulitis. I had never mentioned my ...since I started taking Odourless Garlic tablets EVERY DAY.... "

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" You might have DIVERTICULITIS. When your colon is very thought she was allergic to Psyllium until she started taking ...about it. As for the garlic flush go back to the... "

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" ...the cipro for 5 days , then she calls & said test says no infection. Well, too late! I was having a reaction to the Cipro. This was Jan . i had 3 different outbreaks of severe blisters & then scabs... "

" ...Last time I had diverticulitis, my doctor prescribed 10 ...take levaquin again for diverticulitis unless I'm dying. I've found that garlic tablets (I like solary's) ...and if I use garlic & ... "

" ...difference. Regarding your dad's health, I'm assuming he has diverticulitis, am I right? I have that, and it's not ...of fibre, nothing too spicy (garlic's the worst for me), and... "

" ...with diverticulitis after 2 weeks. He already discussed the surgery with me. At this point it sounds better than living with this kind of fear and pain for the rest of my life. Hope some... "

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