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81 conversations around the web about Diuretics to help you make a decision
81 conversations around the web about Diuretics to help you make a decision
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Diuretics & Turmeric

We found 81 discussions
" get your paws on turmeric or turmeric pills. They have anti inflamatory and diuretic properties, both kind of critical... "

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" ...Spider. The Turmeric Supreme worked for me ...that it is a diuretic and will make you know how the Turmeric Sup... "

" ...of Medicinal Roots and Natural Diuretics appear to the main ingredients ...something to consider. In Okinawa Turmeric is considered to be a cure-all herb. Powered turmeric is mixed with water a... "

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" I should mention, that you shouldn't have the turmeric/pepper combo too many times during the day, as that a bit of a diuretic. Once or twice a day... "

" ...This. Its a diuretic, do you have ...High Aldosterone levels? Lasix Warnings and Precautions Something that works very well on ...juice lowers blood pressure Turmeric (Curcuma long... "

" Sholud you take turmeric, (a diurectic), for breast cancer ...cancer and wants to take turmeric, which is a diuretic, for help with liver function ...control if you take the turmeri... "

" ...herb called maca to help with adrenal regulation, and turmeric offers kidney support. They are both available at health ...and avoiding all caffeine and diuretics, (tea, cola, coffee, etc.), wi... "

" ...Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. Virtually every piece of writing on either substance cites ...important to factor in any diuretic (or any other claimed effect)... "

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" ...take amplodephine 10mg, metaphormine and diuretic to lower my blood pressure. ...upon reading this, i tried turmeric capsule taken before meals it ...amplodephine once a day with turmeric cap... "

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" ...digestive enzymes, probiotics, turmeric, apple cidar vinegar, peppermint? if you go to your local health food store there should be lots of things that assist in bloating, and ...gentle diuretic... "

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