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28 conversations around the web about Diuretics to help you make a decision
28 conversations around the web about Diuretics to help you make a decision
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Diuretics & Ginger Root

We found 28 discussions
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" ...did so quickly. I love Ginger Root tea but keep in mind that it is a diuretic and will make you pee... "

" I've used the \"parsley\" tea as a diuretic. Adding the ginger root sounds good. I just mix the parsley water with Crystal Lite (any flavor)... "

" ...that is was a natural diuretic, so I made a pitcher ...with sliced lemons, cucumbers, ground ginger root & a few spearmint "

" ...bark cayenne pepper dandelion root ginger root gleatin water Hmmm, doesn't seem is mostly stimulants and diuretics designed to make you ****... "

" Quote: Would you do me a favor and take Ginger root, bromelain, and black walnut. I'VE POINTED these herbs out ...root (500 mg) as mild diuretic (stimulate kidneys and liver to... "

" ...if i should take this stuff while excersizin alot. it has 50mg of ginger root and a few other diuretics so i dont know if i should be taking it right now. what... "

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" ...IS in fact a natural diuretic. I wouldnt have recommended it if I didnt think it would help Rubbing fresh ginger root into the affected area will speed up the healing... "

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" Lora: Did you use fresh ginger root? I don't know how to use it. Do you grate it or what? ...I have it the scale moves. I think I have heard that it is diuretic, so that might be why,... "

" ...allowed to take a diuretic because they tend to ...and i'm also trying some ginger root tea for the nausea. the dots all over, not even very itchy, just irritating. th... "

" ...aid digestion and act as diuretics to help rid your body ...used to support liver/colon functions. Dandelion helps your liver, ginger root helps digestion and can alleviate bloating, aloe vera ... "

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