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Dissociation is an altered state of consciousness characterized by partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of a perso...
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37,148 conversations around the web about Dissociation to help you make a decision
37,148 conversations around the web about Dissociation to help you make a decision
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Dissociation & Fainting

0.34% of the posts that mention Dissociation also mention Fainting (126 posts)
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We found 126 discussions
" dissociation WITHOUT PTSD Hi all, I it possible to have dissociation without having ptsd. I trama in my past out of th... "

" ...I start having a panic attack a rush of ...real bad and i have bad dissociation. I feel like i'm gonna go crazy and pass out. I feel like ... "

" ...out the 'spaced out' feeling is withdrawal from my ADs. I felt different from my usual dissociation, but the same 'buzzing in ...Feels like I'm going to pass out every time I turn my... "

" ...small price of course. His experience was mainly dissociation. Very uncooridnated and energized. The ...then puked themselves lol. SWIM passed out on the steps and eventually... "

" ...happen when I was doing the consultation with the dissociation-T (years ago). I don't remember what she said or ...have been something like... almost fainting? I'm not sure why it... "

" ...I was definitely going to pass out. At the time, my typing ...was feeling. My coordination was off and I had only minor dissociation. I've just decided that I'd prefer to just stick... "

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" ...a while. I am currently withdrawing off of ...I also felt like fainting every half hour. To stay sane I am taking Kalma(alprazolam) - till I try next. My dissociation was first experie... "

" ...and I'm just like and I need to get all this fainting and sickness sorted out.. Connor's worried (Again) that I ...that, but she wouldn't understand dissociation if I took hours out... "

" any noticeable level of dissociation, you'd probably already be passed out from its other... "

" ...not kno how to treat dissociation. right now i am depressed ...the day and have had suicidal and self harm thoughts ...what to do. i have also passed out because i am so stressed.... "

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