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Discectomy + Facetectomy

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67 conversations around the web about Discectomy + Facetectomy to help you make a decision
67 conversations around the web about Discectomy + Facetectomy to help you make a decision
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Discectomy & Facetectomy

We found 67 discussions
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" ...with decompression without facetectomy, foraminotomy, or discectomy. But it seems ...which would include facetectomy and foraminotomy. So my question is, if the facetectomy, and foraminotomy are... "

" ...had back surgery end of September last year: Right L4 L5 Laminotomy, Medial Facetectomy, Discectomy. He was back playing golf in 3 1/2 months. Said the thing that... "

" lessen it? After I received a posterior laminectomy/ facetectomy/ discectomy of c4-c7 I have a strange burning in my traps which always gets worse after... "

" ...the spondylolisthesis, so re-checked with an x-ray and then did the decompression (laminectomy, discectomy and facetectomy) and fusion on the correct level. Has this happened to anyone else? I... "

" ...6 months (October 2011- l5-s1 lami/discectomy and February 2012- revision with facetectomy revision with scar tissue removal) and still have a lot of pain especially with sitting... "

" ...I had a 2 level fusion laminectomy facetectomy discectomy . January 29 2014.I was not getting better walking as much as I was walking.I found out through trial and error that walking on asphalt... "

" ...assistant. By the way, you said you have facet disease - I had a facetectomy while he did the discectomy - I wonder if that means I have it too? I could Google... "

" ...3 mos.! I had a fusion/discectomy/facetectomy of the L4/5. I am ...getting function back, then eventually the pain would get better. Still have the numbness and spasms sometimes too...... "

" ...ended up having a laminectomy, discectomy, and facetectomy on both levels with no ...were having issues like this? What did you do to alleviate their pain, suggestions? I am o... "

Post from
" ...nerve root\"? Is it a facetectomy and foraminotomy in ...posterior, BTW. 2. \"L1-2 radical discectomy including both lateral recess ...This is an anterolateral approach discectomy but i... "

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