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Rotator Cuff Tear

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(Rotator cuff syndrome)
Rotator cuff tears are tears of one or more of the four tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. A rotator cuff injury can include any typ...
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6,007 conversations around the web about Rotator Cuff Tear to help you make a decision
6,007 conversations around the web about Rotator Cuff Tear to help you make a decision
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Disability & Rotator Cuff Tear

We found 67 discussions
Post from
" Rotator cuff tear Has anyone had a rotator cuff tear after GBS? My orthopedist said ...know how it happened. I am 69 and weak. I need my arms ...would really make... "

" ...clearly suggests that you have a rotator cuff tear which is significant. This condition leads to significant disability if left untreated leading to... "

Post from
" ...worse)next month. I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tear, bicep tear, adhesive capsulitis and ...expect to be home on disability? I am a children's librarian.... "

Post from
" ...a labral tear. Perhaps its that and a partial rotator cuff tear. Since your pain is bad, I would suggest finding an shoulder ...your hands, check into your disability policies to see about your... "

" can you be permanently disabled\". However after having my ...specialist and he swore that my arm pain was a rotator cuff tear. I had to fight like hell to get my disability and I recommen... "

Post from
" ...the system is when you come to know of someone who is on disability bc they had a rotator cuff tear that was fixed...but is still on ssdi..and you will see people who are... "

" Rehab is Over but Disability Remains - What Happens Next Long story short,I was injured on the job 7 years ago .I had a complete rotator cuff tear,Had 3 surgeries to my dominate arm. wc has paid... "

" ...sure thing for disability with the total ...probably having a rotator cuff tear now, scoliosis and ...depression, and anxiety disorder that have been documented and treated for more years (de... "

Post from
" 2007: 5 weeks on short term disability. I had an acute flare of shoulder bursitis. I also have a chronic rotator cuff tear and cervical stenosis. To this day, I live with some degree of shoulder... "

" ...decision is being made for me. I was just diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder and I have to see ...into using my short term disability 'cause work seems to aggreivate... "

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