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Lymphocytic Colitis

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(Colitis Lymphocytic Disease Finding)
Lymphocytic colitis, a subtype of microscopic colitis, is a rare condition characterized by chronic non-bloody watery diarrhea. The co...
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1,068 conversations around the web about Lymphocytic Colitis to help you make a decision
1,068 conversations around the web about Lymphocytic Colitis to help you make a decision
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Disability & Lymphocytic Colitis

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" the same. Hv had IBS since i was 7. ...just been told i hv Lymphocytic Colitis which gives ne terrible pains ...things. Ive got myself a disabled toilet key and a cant... "

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" ...To make this short, I have diverticulosis,ulcerative and lymphocytic colitis . I am disabled, on SSI can't get medicare yet. and have been ...lack of funds. I have cancer on both sides of... "

" ...can't believe they denied you disability the first time! How were ...great to meet you. I don't know much about lymphocytic colitis: is surgery an option for you? Or a stoma?... "

" ...been linked to a higher risk of collagenous colitis and lymphocytic colitis in some people, but this association is unproved.\" I ...make sure you have all the disability insurance you can ... "

" ...developed several other health issues, Lymphocytic Colitis, Fibro, (which I had ...need some help. Husband had massive heart attack two years ago, ...whilel waiting for his disability, so no... "

" ...just starting to apply for disability, it was not an easy ...coalescence. They diagnosed the CVS, abdominal migraines, migranous vertigo, lymphocytic colitis too name a few. My husband too one... "

" ...and had to retire with disability because of the damage done ...I have chronic fibromyalgia, brain fog, joint pain, neuropathy, lymphocytic colitis, etc. I have many more health problems that I... "

" ...morning, was told by my surgeon that he suspected lymphocytic colitis based on my symptoms, I came home, found this ...was going to be on disability as sick as I was... "

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" ...diarrhea!the biopsies called it lymphocytic colitis propably due to unknown is not exactly lymphocytic colitis but post infectious ibs.I ...i still feel like disabled.I have one diarrhe... "

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