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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

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(Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Disease Finding)
Failed back syndrome or post-laminectomy syndrome is a condition characterized by persistent Pain and nociception following lami...
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665 conversations around the web about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome to help you make a decision
665 conversations around the web about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Disability & Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

We found 38 discussions
" 18 month still on disability not by choice but due ...thing i can tell you, it was painful, which is expected and tailbone surgery or my Failed back surgery syndrome. Good luck to y... "

" ...of 33 I became disabled with 4 children,now at ...40 I am still disabled,wear leg braces,deemed with failed back surgery syndrome x2,degenerative disk disease(cervical,thoracic and... "

" ...that I have been Disabled since 2002...when I last ...have Spinal Stenosis, DDD, DJD, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, ...all of us on the Disability... "

" ...I'm having moderate hip groin and left leg pain that diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome and will file for disability due to this and because I also have autoimmune diseas... "

" ...pump? I've also been diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome. I have rods in my ...him backing me. My bills are a big concern, I have to live. It seems all Are you on disability a... "

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" Even tho back pain is an invisable disability, failed back surgery/syndrome is listed as disabling entity with SS. I've forgotten if chronic low back pain is, tho since I've been dx'ed with... "

" ...of you hope. I'm a chronic pain patient with failed back surgery syndrome. I know of the helpless, hopeless feelings we have ...been approved for social security disability. Keep you faith a... "

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" ...fusion for the treatment of failed back surgery syndrome in terms of perceived recovery, functional disability and pain. Conservative management is... "

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" Hi Zoe, I too am disabled, mine being disabled from failed back surgery syndrome which is causing severe pain to the point that I can hardly move most days. Anyway, I am in the process... "

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" get the operation. There is a condition called \"failed back surgery syndrome\" it is so common. The do the surgery and ...person still is in pain and disabled only now they have scar... "

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