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Essential Thrombocytosis

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(Essential thrombocythaemia)
essential thrombocytosis) is a rare chronic blood disorder characterized by the myeloproliferative syndrome of platelets by megakaryoc...
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Common Essential Thrombocytosis treatments discussed around the web
Hydrea 80 Hydroxyurea 72 Anagrelide 32
915 conversations around the web about Essential Thrombocytosis to help you make a decision
915 conversations around the web about Essential Thrombocytosis to help you make a decision
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Disability & Essential Thrombocytosis

We found 9 discussions
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" ...I was on Short-term disability, I got really ill ...In order to claim Long-Term Disability, the insurance carrier required me ...with FMS and CFIDS and Essential Thrombocythemia. I filed ... "

" I am Mariel, dx'd 20 years ago, Porphyria dx'd l0 years ago, Essential Thrombocythemia in process of dx (early stage, another genetic malady). ...until forced to go on disability at time of dx, aft... "

" ...Vets,I too have a platelet problem.Mine are too ...times,explaining all about my condition(Essential Thrombocytosis) and I wonder why ...not good for a disability benefit\"(sorta paraphrased)... "

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" 2000 with the rare disease essential thrombocytosis, which eventually led to her legs being amputated. Despite the disability Tyrrell continued to work on... "

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" Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) is a disorder that is uncommon and involves a person's body producing ...numbness or burning pain or tingling in a person's feet or hands. (Source: Disabled World)... "

" I too have a disabled, wheelchair bound husband. But I ...and difficult ascent. I have Porphyria in addition to MS, and also Essential Thrombocythemia. In both of those, estrogen... "

" ...diseases. Having the more easily \"measurable\" Essential Thrombocythemia makes for a difference in ...someone who cared even though I was disabled, and I returned that love... "

" ...blood test,with something called essential thrombocytosis.A condition that produces ...Vet) collecting 100% disability because he ...gets even considered for a disability. Very rare(according... "

" ...of being responsible,in part, for essential Thrombocytosis\" then I MAY get approved for a disability benefit.ET is def. a ...T2 and is collecting 100% disability.He eats anything he wants,smoke... "

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