Diprosone is taken for: Itching Eczema Psoriasis


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Method of use: Ointment, Spray
Prescribing mode: Rx
Betamethasone is a potent glucocorticoid steroid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant properties. Unlike other drugs with thes...
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Diprosone for Eczema
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Diprosone & Eczema

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them. Unfortunately I have excema here & there on every...
" ...ended up at a Dermatologist for other excema as well & they gave me Diprosone, plus I take Fexo tabs as I need them. Unfortunately I have excema here & there on every... "

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on her hands and wrists.I have been putting her Diprosone...
" ...on the best treatments....my little girl has it quiet bad on her hands at the moment,someone told me you can get it off chickens and she is forever picking them up. she hasn't had it for ages but ... "

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had eczema all of my life and only found steroid creams...
" ...of my life and only found steroid creams to work. Once I get it to clear up it's fine for a while before I get another flareup. Recently got a flareup around my eyes and eyelids - tried all other ... "

it, too!) I've been using topical steroids called Diprosone...
" ...eczema! or dermatitis! I get these patches of really dry and itchy spots on my joints such as the front of my elbows, back of my knees, my neck, and sometimes, even the back of my eyelids (shocking... "

am a long time sufferer of Eczema. I use DIPROSONE ointment...
" ...rash sympton under the eye which grew over time. This condition is a form of \"Psoriasis\". I was using DIPROSONE to cure this but it only seemed to make it worse as well as thin the skin... "

Post from
so the dr has reccomended that we keep using the diprosone...
" ...currently trying to work out what has caused it. He started on diprosone ointment last week which actually made it worse and it is now spreeding from his groin area to his back and belly, so the... "

too ...can't tell I have eczema too. Unfortunately all my...
" ...scalp, I use Diprosone lotion using doctors prescription, cleared my scalp from flaking and weeping. My hands I use diprosone too ...can't tell I have eczema too. Unfortunately all my... "

get sun on nipples. HOT, DAMP, HUMID conditions make eczema...
" ...DIPROSONE... A godsend 4. Cool down skin with small wet towels that are wrung dry and placed in freezer for cooling down skin inflammation or use cold pack... These help skin absorb cortisones crea... "

I also get sever excema on my face, back of by legs and...
" ...excema on my face, back of by legs and chest and arms. For my face, I used QV cream 3 times a day. my face flares up when sick and stressed and hot. For my arms, legs, chest I use... "

and the diprosone for excema and it does the trick!...
" ...it to moisturise and the diprosone for excema and it does the trick!... "

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