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Hydromorphone, a more common synonym for dihydromorphinone, commonly a hydrochloride (trade names Palladone, 'Dilaudid...
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Dilaudid for Pain
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Does Dilaudid cause Urinary Retention ?

Urinary Retention is a known side effect of Dilaudid
#130 in Dilaudid discussions - 15 posts discuss Urinary Retention with Dilaudid. Urinary Retention is #130 concern in Dilaudid discussions.
We found 15 discussions
" ...culprit. I have a intrathecal pain pump that ...or the synthetic version, Dilauded, it not only impacted my sex drive but also made it difficult to urinate by causing urinary retention. I was al... "

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" ...I, myself experience urinary retention from my dilaudid sometimes and also my ...after 6pm. I have been taking dilaudid for 1 year and ...also and I still have urinary retention, but not alw... "

" ...due to demerol. Do not let anyone give you this evil drug. Stick with morphine or better yet dilaudid. Day 3 - better Day 4 - better yet, except urinary retention which threatened to... "

" All opioids cause urinary retention. Welcome to the land of ...if i were to take 24mg of Dilaudid I'd have a massive headache... "

" for a few months and I did have some dry mouth while I was on it. I also found I would get a headache every time I took it--when I was on the higher dosage. Once the dosage dropped down a bit th... "

" ...30mg and I take 8mg of dilaudid every 6hrs for breakthrough pain.To A.Angel,I have a lot of swelling in legs and pee from urine retention, I also crave ...all still have some pain even ... "

" ...nite was dreadful due to urinary retention and the pain from the room and that helped the gas move. I requested an ...finally overcame the retention. The dilaudid made me very nauseous ... "

" ...Right now I have dilaudid in it but am having problems with urinary retention, started with morphine whic did fine ...70 something with Dilaudid. I'm not sure ...weak after taking th baclof... "

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" ...ask why the dilaudid pump was placed? ...? Yes, the dilaudid is a kissin cousin to morphine and frequently causes urinary retention. I can't answer whether or not the Dilauded is the culprit.... "

" ...Linda, Pocket infections and urinary retention are the two biggest and if the urinary retention doesn't get better they ...preservative free medications like Dilaudid or fentanyl or s... "

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