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Digestive Problems

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(Abnormal digestive tract function)
Common Digestive Problems treatments discussed around the web
Digestive Enzymes 1,658 Probiotic 1,521 Digestive Enzyme 346
95,958 conversations around the web about Digestive Problems to help you make a decision
95,958 conversations around the web about Digestive Problems to help you make a decision
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Digestive Problems & Weird

We found 1,700 discussions
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" ...Last night I added on: A Stomach and Digestive Issues premix from Yoga for Stress Relief My stomach has been weird since... "

" ...I eat. Plus I have major digestive problems with the treatment and foods like tomatoes and spices upset my stomach (pizza is... "

" My anxiety can do weird things to my digestive system. ...they don't see anything to worry about, relax. Try your best to treat the digestive issues, do whatever the doctors tell you, and I'm sure... "

" ...digestive issues it gets me. My doctor suggests taking it before bed as it can make me drowsy, but I decide to take it a couple hours before bed. If I take it just before hand, I wake up half an ho... "

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" ...eaten dinner yet. My weird acid reflux/GERD thing is ...although I've taken a Tums. (I'm actually surprised that I have Tums in the house, since my digestive issues aren't solved with Tums.)... "

" ...Myo probiotic sucks IMO. Gives me more digestion issues and the flavoring isn't as good as the original Myo. The Strawberry probiotic has half the ...The chocolate has a weird nutty taste to it... "

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" ...I have some digestive issues. Maybe the tea would help me too. I'll have to check and see if it's ok to drink while breastfeeding. I was taking digestive enzymes a while ...are so weird. It's we... "

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" so weird i was going to ...them as i suffer with upper back pain and it really ...stomach gurgle bad. I have digestive issues so would never take it as a laxative. but they are very ... "

" I too have had all kinds of digestive problems. As a little kid I had nervous indigestion and would take of pepto bismol. It has developed into and for some weird reason I have become... "

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" ...and digestive enzymes for your wife.........the only reason I know this is because I took some antibiotics and have dealth with digestive issues since and ...miserable weird digestive... "

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