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Digestive Problems

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(Abnormal digestive tract function)
Common Digestive Problems treatments discussed around the web
Digestive Enzymes 1,654 Probiotic 1,516 Digestive Enzyme 346
95,802 conversations around the web about Digestive Problems to help you make a decision
95,802 conversations around the web about Digestive Problems to help you make a decision
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Digestive Problems & Headaches

2.25% of the posts that mention Digestive Problems also mention Headaches (2,160 posts)
Digestive Problems
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We found 2,161 discussions
" ...the first week at a new dose of Lamictal. And with the most recent increase (100 mg to 125 mg), I had a week of strong irritability. It's better now, but it was pretty nasty for a bit. Good... "

" ...with dissociative disorder. I had headaches even as a little boy. I was always asking for aspirin. I also asked for ...because I already had chronic digestive problems. Some people have... "

" ...I started taking Seroquel,and had horrible headaches,and digestion problems. I was putting ice packs on my head,taking advil,and the headache still better also. I don't get that terrible h... "

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" long as I have some midol for headaches close by I'm pretty much ...chocolate, caffeine, etc... I get absolutely horrible digestion problems resulting in stomach cramps so... "

" ...of the segment and my headache was GONE. My throat felt a lot better too. The DVD is called \"Yoga for Stress Relief\" and there are segments for digestive issues as well. I'll be trying... "

" ...term usage of Motrin. I?ve never had digestion problems, only rheumatoid and always used non-steroidals. I still use analgesics and zantac at the same time. But now I have headaches more often tha... "

" ...ago that i was B12 deficient. I was extremly tired all the time, had numness in my arms and legs at times, headaches, amoungs other symptoms. I that i had digestive problems and that w... "

" ...I lost 5 pounds on two weeks of it. BUT, it got better, and my weight kept dropping. Today, I feel better than I have in YEARS!! I was always prone to headaches and took gobs of excederin, m... "

" ...option. I never take paracetamol or anything like that, I prefer to sleep off my headaches. When I was depressed ...(literally). I also had to take tablets for digestive problems for years to... "

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" ...enzyme supplement to aid my digestive issues. Started noticing a difference immediately. But, was wondering if it was just coicidence. Fast forward to today. Right now I feel awful! I have a kille... "

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