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Based on medical discussions around the web
38 conversations around the web about Dicynone to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Dicynone cause Bleeding ?

#2 in Dicynone discussions - 10 posts discuss Bleeding with Dicynone. Bleeding is #2 concern in Dicynone discussions.
We found 10 discussions
" ...recurrence and colonic bleeding dicynone could control the ...afraid he might get a myocardial infarction since he was operated by CABAG few years back for how long can we use dicynone to contro... "

" ...You can definitely go for Dicynone ( Etamsylate) to halt the on going GI bleeding. I think you know in controlling GI bleeding in some cases ( confirm whether the bleeding is of... "

" ...For cyst ,my dr. priescribed provera 5mg for 24 days. I ...will starting.after 7 days dr give me dicynone to stope bleeding and also suggest for trying... "

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" Bleeding After Iud Insertion Hi, i ...I am stil bleeding like I had my period. I have taken dicynone 500mg (etamsilato) for ...know if this bleeding is no... "

" ...,i am 27yr old.i had periods in 5-07-12 it continue till 11th day(15-07-12), in that day i consult doctor and they suggest to take dicynone 500mg for 3 ...this again i had bleeding(nt so much) a... "

" ...2 years.missed a couple of months then in jan bled for 5 weeks .went to er was given dicynone 500 stopped.4 months all ok .last month was late ...12 days then started to bleed ,now going on 27 d... "

" ...N in the dosage prescribed will stem any excessive bleeding if it is currently occurring, and will regulate your cycles. Dicynone also prevents excessive bleeding and controls it. Take... "

" ...called menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstruation) and ...for pain relief. Dicynone is to control the excessive bleeding. Duspatalin is to ...that of excessive bleeding and excessi... "

" Taken Duphaston after polypectomy. Have bleeding with clots. Breast pain. Side ...stopped duphaston next day i bled heavily again she gave me ...all these for days i bled more healy like abortio... "

" ...can understand your concern. The bleeding you experience each month is ...helped to know if your bleeding has always been like this ...functions and scan if needed. Dicynone 500 is a medicine... "

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