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Diclofenac is taken for: Pain Inflammation Swelling Arthritis RA OA More


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Diclofenac (marketed under many brand names, see below: number Trade names) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken t...
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Diclofenac for Pain
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Diclofenac & Plantar Fasciitis

17 discussions around the web mention both
Plantar Fasciitis
We found 17 discussions
" I forgot to say my plantar fasciitis is back. My left ...I had to take Diclofenac. I phoned my... "

" ...made no difference to the meds I was taking. I find that my daily diclofenac helps my Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, at the moment the heat is not suiting the PsA, roll on the... "

" ...have this (its known as Plantar Fasciitis) as my job ...I was prescribed Diclofenac by the Dr but they didnt really help so i was reffered to Biomechanics who looked further into it, here they... "

" Diclofenac ala Voltaren Gel Is it any good? I've had plantar fasciitis for ages but it only flares badly on 16km runs. do this half. Has anyone had success with this gel/cream? "

" ...Forums Does anyone else have plantar fasciitis? All my current symptoms started with the onset of plantar fasciitis last October. It has got ...other than giving me diclofenac (which I'm not rea... "

" ...under your foot sounds like plantar fasciitis (please remember that I am ...I've had it under my right foot (diclofenac helped me) and I now ...affected but, once we have arthritis, there is... "

" ...Once OA has set in there is no easy remedy apart from pain relief and maybe an anti-inflammatory. I too have plantar fasciitis in my right heel and need a daily diclofenac to help ease that.... "

" Hi Nomad, yes I experience foot pain and hear your frustration. I had plantar fasciitis for over two years.. That was two years ...compounded cream of ketamine, bupvicaine,diclofenac, but it's not ... "

" ...have also been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis! Beat that! Some days I was in so much pain (especially first thing ...I have been on Humira (alongside Salazopyrin & Diclofenac) for the last... "

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" see if that is plantar fasciitis or something else. I did ...that has helped the pain in the toes. Still ...really act up. I've been rubbing on muscle ointment or diclofenac. And going alo... "

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