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Diarrhea , also spelled diarrhoea, is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day. It is a co...
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Common Diarrhea treatments discussed around the web
Imodium 8,732 Probiotic 6,950 Pedialyte 5,486
845,208 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
845,208 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
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Diarrhea & Walking Pneumonia

0.52% of the posts that mention Walking Pneumonia also mention Diarrhea (34 posts)
Walking Pneumonia
We found 34 discussions
" ...that. Two years ago I got an awful case of walking pneumonia. One doctor loaded ...worse. Much worse. I was feeling awful and achy. Stomach was doing numbers and I had diarrhea for three d... "

" of the kids have been throwing up and having diarrhea since Saturday and begining to feel better but now the other ...this. Oh and other one has walking pneumonia! Would you go / am... "

" I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and my doctor prescribed avelox. the lower bowel and diarrhea and I was always tired ...later and I still have diarrhea (explosive) and my doctor... "

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" ...medicine for strep throat and walking pneumonia and they gave me diarrhea, so the nurse said to ...did. Now i have had diarrhea since saturday night (today's thursday... "

" ...of cancer complications, I had walking pneumonia in one of my lungs. ...that can be cleared up. The fact he had the runs ,etc. leeds me to believe his bile system is working and you said he app... "

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" ...walking pneumonia when I found ...this problem and no problem with becoming inmune to it working that I could stay on it as a prophalactic if I wanted to. Imodium is good for diarrhea and you c... "

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" ...there's any snow in the forecast, but Mr. Go has walking pneumonia and the baby has the rhe* and is toilet-training. ...wants to be me for the next eight hours? *diarrhe... "

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" be walking pneumonia , and ...he could, took Tums, then tried Gasex, and after that he had a nasty bout of diahrea. Then he had He said that the Tums helped his stomach feel bette... "

" ...thoughts now! So, I have walking pneumonia and the doctor is going ...common is the chance of loose stools with baby. I will be ...take an antibiotic, but I have been sick for two weeks. And... "

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" I've had walking pneumonia where I walked into a library feeling just fine five minutes to suffer agony for days with diarhea and wrenching agonizing stomach cramps. In both cases close... "

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