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Diarrhea , also spelled diarrhoea, is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day. It is a co...
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Common Diarrhea treatments discussed around the web
Imodium 8,736 Probiotic 6,952 Pedialyte 5,487
845,584 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
845,584 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
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Diarrhea & Peanut Allergy

0.43% of the posts that mention Peanut Allergy also mention Diarrhea (279 posts)
Peanut Allergy
We found 279 discussions
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" 23 months and has a peanut allergy.. RAST and Skin showed positive ...peanut challenge. He got hives from head to ...around his mouth and had 2 bouts of loose stools. Last month he accide... "

" ...all. Our daughter has a severe peanut allergy (Rast test 6) and ...this group, she has gained weight and her diarrhea had stopped (at 1 1/2 years ...her increasing bouts of diarrhea with a fo... "

Post from
" ...cell degranulation. I experienced severe diarrhea, vomiting and allergic reactions after eating in addition to biphasic reactions. I was ...was at this time my peanut allergies were discovered,... "

Post from
" ...Toddler With Dairy And Nut Allergy Hi, I'm new here. ...weeks ago) after she had suffered from constant diarrhea for 6 weeks (lost ...that she also has a dairy and nut allergy...and am I read... "

Post from
" ...normal. He does have a peanut allergy. He has very runny ...makes it impossible. I have been googling toddler diarrhoea but find advice contradictory.'s just a diarrhoea consistency.... "

" ...have been two times now that i have felt like my throat is constricted or swelled, my tongue also swelled and tingled, and also had diarrhea. I was thinking Peanut allergy, but what do you think? "

" ...allergy symptoms ie nausea, diarrhoea, fever and chills. My little DS now has diarrhoea and a mild ...a day. I have seen information talking about peanut allergies and breastfeeding. Just... "

" ...few minutes and the has diarrhea for a week after..... but the dr. tells me he is not allergic to it!!! My son ...was younger. He also has the peanut allergy which complicates things more! My... "

Post from
" ...started losing because she was vomiting and had diarrhea every day. but since we eliminated milk she has gained about 8 lbs in the last ...we learned she has a severe peanut allergy which we wou... "

" ...that incident seems to have triggered a peanut allergy that I never had before. ...just vomiting blood. and had diarrhea so much that I couldn't ...they did anyway.... they were puking for... "

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