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Diarrhea , also spelled diarrhoea, is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day. It is a co...
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Common Diarrhea treatments discussed around the web
Imodium 8,598 Probiotic 6,931 Pedialyte 5,485
842,768 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
842,768 conversations around the web about Diarrhea to help you make a decision
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Diarrhea & Histamine Intolerance

3.19% of the posts that mention Histamine Intolerance also mention Diarrhea (55 posts)
Histamine Intolerance
We found 55 discussions
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" to reduce symptoms of histamine intolerance, but aren't preventing excess histamine ...that documents a woman's experience with histamine intolerance. She suffered diarrhoea as one of her s... "

" Michelle: You can google histamine intolerance and get a bunch of, and when I took the probiotic Florastor, which is a yeast. I had really bad diarrhea and blood after eating all... "

" ...that I have a histamine intolerance. Seems that chicken ...them, which causes diarrhea in people who have a histamine intolerance and I used ...histamine causing the diarrhea. Cooking the bro... "

" Athene, I have a severe histamine intolerance, too. It waxes and wanes, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea and is always relieved by... "

" ...than fillers I don't believe Florastor has anything in it other ...immediate reaction, causing severe bloody diarrhea with frequency, all of which histamine and I have a histamine intol... "

" ...started taking the diamine oxidase enzyme before meals and put it to the test last night, eating a bunch of the same pizza that caused severe frequency, bleeding, and diarrhea. I not only... "

" ...who had bad reactions to Florastor. After just taking one dosage ...lot of blood and diarrhea and frequency. It lasted ...evntually discovered that I have a histamine intolerance and the yeas... "

" ...about 20 times with bloody diarrhea when I had been only ...with no blood and no diarrhea. The reaction was almost immediate. ...discovered the reason. I have a histamine intolerance and s- b... "

Post from
" ...xifaxan to no good effect. I eat a very restricted diet at this point, cutting out all sugar seems to help. The symptoms wax and wane. Sometimes I think I'm making progress, then it hits again and ... "

" ...that I have mainly psychological/breathing problems, but no ...low anymore, yet my histamine intolerance has aggravated. My diarrhea is a constant thing ...induced anxiety I get when having l... "

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