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Shortness Of Breath

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Dyspnea ( also dyspnoea Latin language: dyspnoea Greek language: , d spnoia), shortness of breath ...
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Common Shortness Of Breath treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 5,438 Albuterol 3,872 Ventolin 2,311
824,265 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
824,265 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
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Diaphragm & Shortness Of Breath

We found 1,098 discussions
" ...night I had the pain in my afternoon I had trouble breathing. I was admitted to the hospital for tests - the belief was that the air pumped in had lodged on my diaphragm. Problem was n... "

" ...gas, bloating and change in stool are variously reported in early pregnancy. The diaphragm is also affected, and some experience shortness of breath... "

" ...will press up on the diaphragm and give you the feeling of shortness of breath. It is similar to the ...been there. I have a slight hernia that pre... "

" ...functions. You can get heartburn, gas both ends, ...and as a bonus your diaphragm is also affected and you can feel shortness of breath. Fatigue, more peeing, and unusual... "

" This is quite common apparently. It's due to the progesterone causing the diaphragm to relax, therefore you get breathless and can't take such deep breaths. I thought I was getting so unfit... "

" ...other organs, and those other organs can displace your diaphragm, which can cause shortness of breath too. So basically this is normal. Just take a breather when you get too out of breath.... "

" Mild breathlessness is normal, especially starting at ...of breaths so the feeling of being out of breath can come from something as it pushes against your diaphragm. I have been breathles... "

" ...and can make you feel short of breath. (The anxiety is a normal ...again when the baby starts putting pressure on your diaphragm. Google \"pregnant short of breath\" for more... "

" ...why you are feeling abdomen hard on palpation. as excessive liquor pushing your diaphragm up, you are facing breathlessness. you have to visit doctor as early as possible to find out the... "

" More contractions today... sitting right on my diaphragm. All day I have been trouble catching my breath....and it also makes me feel sluggish....and sick to my stomach.... "

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