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Diaphragm + Muscle Strain

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23 conversations around the web about Diaphragm + Muscle Strain to help you make a decision
23 conversations around the web about Diaphragm + Muscle Strain to help you make a decision
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Diaphragm & Muscle Strain

We found 23 discussions
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" ...with while it was happening. it felt as though my lungs were smaller or that i had a pulled muscle in my diaphragm area. My legs would run cold and i even had a few leg spasms when lying down... "

" I have endo on my diaphragm & had it excised twice. it was just a pulled muscle but lo & behold it ...concern with endo on the diaphragm because the diaphragm itself is... "

" ...gas. The pain was like a pulled muscle. The kind you get when ...sound and a CAT scan he diagnosed 'liquid' in my diaphragm/spleen/stomach region.. they think a haematoma which had caused the... "

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" ...he became so ill and tired. The Dr's say that his hiccups were a result of a pulled muscle in his diaphragm but I am wondering now if it has anything to do with this condition. Thanks... "

" ...caused by fluids in the abdomen pressing against the diaphragm. My whole upper body a really bad case ...this and that you just pulled a muscle or something instead. Nothing wors... "

" my left upper quadrant. It started with a muscle strain my back with pain in my back radiating to same area as back in abdomen or diaphragm. After a week of this pain I had a... "

" ...which to me is scarier because twitching in ribs means more than pain in my ribs to have have als respitory so I think your fine you might have pulled a muscle along your diaphragm hit me... "

" pulled muscle does not equal heart attack! BIG step for me ...the pain was much sharper. Then it all clicked - I pulled my diaphragm laughing that last night! So, here I am short of breath with... "

" ...been having chest pains that almost feels like I've pulled a muscle, pain under my arms and through both sides of ...words an enlarged and overworked diaphragm. He said that can cause... "

" ...chest going down to my diaphragm, sometimes it changes to my ...neck feel stretched. I guess this could be a pulled muscle but I've never felt anything like this and stretching... "

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